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Compact form tester with numerous features from the upper class

This practical desktop form tester is an excellent value for the money and features upper class analysis functions.

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The RONDCOM 41 form measuring instrument is a desktop form tester equipped with numerous upper class features such as Fourier analysis. Operators receive graphic guidance – work is reduced to a minimum. The high-quality Z axis enables measurement of various parameters such as cylinder form, parallelism, straightness and perpendicularity. The Z axis is available at heights of 300 and 500 mm. The precision rotary table on air bearings is highly accurate and extremely rigid, and provides very good rotational accuracy. ACCTee PRO software makes the system very easy to use. The interface can be fully tailored to the needs of the operator. Up to 40% time savings can be achieved in part analysis thanks to the powerful functions of ACCTee Pro.

  • More accurate thanks to precision rotary table on air bearings
  • Easy to use thanks to guided measurements in ACCTee PRO
  • Faster thanks to patented semi-automatic orientation
  • Compact table-top form tester
  • Measuring Z axis
  • Ideal for form measurements on precision parts up to 25 kg

Are you looking for a compact table-top form tester? Take advantage of the benefits of RONDCOM 41 for the analysis of roughness, cylinder form, perpendicularity, parallelism, straightness, flatness, coaxiality, concentricity, thickness error and radial runout. With rotational error of just 30 nanometers, RONDCOM 41 is ideal for a wide range of precision parts that have a maximum diameter of 400 mm and weigh less than 25 kg.


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