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Highly accurate universal form tester

This rigid form tester features a rotary table supported by air bearings, which delivers 20 nm accuracy and fully automatic CNC orientation.

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RONDCOM 54 is a highly accurate, rigid form tester with a rotary table on air bearings that features the best rotational error in its class. A rotary table on air bearings is wear-free and does not come into contact with the system, meaning that drive vibrations do not affect the results. Air bearings do not need to be lubricated. The maximum possible rotational accuracies can only be achieved with air bearings. Fully automatic CNC orientation of the workpiece ensures effective measurements. High-performance servomotors control the necessary tilt and centering of the workpiece automatically. The patented CNC offset probe holder also enables the measurement of otherwise difficult to reach features with short, accurate styli. The offset probe holder enables collision-free measurements below the R axis. The sensor can be moved to the feature fully automatically. The stylus moves around the tip – travel along the R axis is minimal; the procedure is faster and more accurate.

  • Universal form tester with best rotational error in its class
  • Highly accurate, wear-free rotary table on air bearings for workpieces up to 30 kg
  • Higher throughput thanks to fast, automatic alignment
  • Large deflection range of 2000 µm and high resolution of the IMR sensor of 2 nanometers for higher throughput and fast, automatic alignment
  • IMR sensor with safety function in all orientations for maximum protection of the stylus and sensor
  • High Z axis straightness of 0.11 µm (100 mm)
  • Linear scales for highly accurate measurements in the R axes
  • Patented CNC offset stylus mount for CNC-guided stylus rotation and tilt
    measure below R axis
  • Deep insertion with standard stylus
  • More accurate measurement via CNC tilt and measuring sphere
  • Skilled measurement of narrow tolerances
  • Available as SD version with different bases and tables, or as a space-saving FX version with active vibration-insulated measuring table and integrated computer for near-production use with or without enclosure
  • Available with 300 mm and 500 mm Z axis
  • Also available as RONDCOM 44 with semi-automatic alignment function (CNC function can be retrofit at any time during servicing)

RONDCOM 54 is a universal form tester for the analysis of roughness, cylinder form, perpendicularity, parallelism, straightness, flatness, coaxiality, concentricity, thickness error and radial runout. With rotational error of just 20 nanometers, RONDCOM 54 is ideal for a wide range of precision parts that have a maximum diameter of 580 mm and weigh up to 30 kg.


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