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Spindle form tester with large measuring range for heavy workpieces

This universal spindle form tester is ideal for form measurements on large workpieces such as cylinder heads, engine blocks, crankshafts and cam shafts.

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The RONDCOM 73 form measuring station flexes its muscles when reference coordinate measuring machines reach their limits. The high measuring accuracy provides production with added tolerance, thus helping to reduce costs. The RONDCOM 73 form measuring station impresses with its rotational accuracy of 60 nanometers (0.06 µm). Comprehensive collision protection ensures safe working conditions. The fully automatic alignment of the part considerably increases throughput. Despite its compact size, RONDCOM 73 can measure parts with outer dimensions of 450 x 1015 mm that weigh up to 200 kg. ACCTee PRO software, as well as Teach-in and offline programming, ensures easy operation.

  • Higher throughput thanks to higher measuring speed and class-best rotational error of 0.06 µm
  • More throughput thanks to automatic alignment and automatic CNC measuring runs
  • 4 U/Min measuring speed – up to 30% faster than competitors
  • 30 mm/s positioning speed – up to 20 % faster than competitors
  • Outstanding straightness values in the Z axis of better than 0.9 µm at 200 mm and Z axis parallelism of better than 0.9 µm at 100 mm
  • High long-term stability through highly rigid machine design
  • Maximum measurable part height: 1015 mm
  • Y-axis travel path: 120 mm
  • Safety function for sensors in all directions
  • Safety system and automatic weight compensation of the R axis – safe operation; automatic balancing of the R axis clearly simplifies work compared to conventional machines
  • R-axis measuring path of 265 mm – enables the automatic measurement of various diameters without manual offset of the detector
  • Easy to use and program thanks to ACCTee PRO – fast generation of CNC measurement plan via teach-in or offline programming

RONDCOM 73 is very flexible thanks to extensive accessories and individually configurable equipment concept. RONDCOM 73 is ideal for measuring tasks such as cylinder heads, engine blocks, crankshafts and cam shafts, and for highly accurate measurements on oversized workpieces.


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