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3-in-1 form, contour and surface measurement in one setting

RONDCOM Grande is ideal for the automatic total measurement of large bearing rings.

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The RONDCOM GRANDE measuring center is a pioneering innovation developed for the warehouse industry and for manufacturers of large, highly accurate parts in the mechanical engineering and power generation industries. In one setting, form, contour and surface parameters can be measured on RONDCOM GRANDE. The heart of this system is the precision rotary table on air bearings with an outer diameter of 1650 mm and rotational accuracy of 80 nanometers (0.08 µm). The second column on RONDCOM GRANDE is equipped with a combined contour and surface tracing driver featuring resolution of up to 0.62 nanometers which is achieved using a laser interferometer. The maximum deflection in contour measuring operations is 52 mm. RONDCOM GRANDE makes measurements more accurate and large parts more efficient because all measurements can be taken in one setting and with one software program. Transport and set-up times can be considerably reduced.

  • Precision rotary table on air bearings with 80 nanometer rotational error
  • Clear reduction in set-up times due to measurement of all key parameters in one setting and fully automatically on one system instead of three devices
  • RONDCOM Grande is a form tester, contour measuring machine and surface measuring station in one
  • Highly accurate laser interferometer in the contour and surface tracer driver
  • Parts up to 2100 mm diameter, 540 mm high and 500 kg weight
  • Contour measurement resolution: 1.24 nanometers
  • Surface measurement resolution: 0.62 nanometers
  • Z axis straightness: 0.15 µm (100 mm)
  • Available with a column as pure form measuring station for large, high-precision, heavy parts

Bearing rings, mechanical engineering parts, power generation systems, aerospace and wind energy industries for the analysis of roughness, cylinder form, perpendicularity, parallelism, straightness, flatness, coaxiality, concentricity, thickness error and radial runout, all standard surface parameters, angle and contour analyses.


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