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Form tester for the workshop

Effective and accurate thanks to the simple TOUCH operation.

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The TOUCH operation of the RONDCOM form tester makes the system particularly easy to use. Parts are aligned semi-automatically thanks to the patented alignment functions. Users are assisted optically and acoustically, making the alignment a simple process. Following the alignment, users need to touch the screen only three times to receive a finished measuring report. The heart of the form tester is rotary table supported by air bearings. This technology enables outstanding long-term stability and is nearly maintenance free. The non-contact guidance ensures that drive vibrations do not influence the measuring results. Furthermore, RONDCOM TOUCH can measure very narrow roundness. Thanks to Bluetooth technology, results can be printed easily and wirelessly. The patented design eliminates the standard R axis to enable a compact system for the workbench.

  • more accurate due to a rotary table on air bearings
  • easier to use by TOUCH operation - only 3 screen contacts to get to your measuring results
  • faster due to patented semi-automatic alignment
  • compact patented design - ideal for workbench
  • modern and practical - wireless use and printing
  • ideal for form measurement of precision parts up to 15 kg ( 40.19 lb.)

Are you looking for an affordable form tester? Take advantage of RONDCOM TOUCH for the evaluation of roundness, flatness, coaxiality, concentricity, thickness variation and runoff. Due to a rotation deviation of only 0 nanometers, the RONDCOM TOUCH is ideal for small precision components with a maximum diameter of 240 mm (9.45 in.) and a weight less than 15 kg (40.19 lb.)


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