High-resolution CNC surface measuring station

SURFCOM 1500 is a CNC surface measuring station equipped with a patented linear drive for effective roughness measurements at a measuring speed of up to 3 mm/s.

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SURFCOM C5 was designed for fully automatic surface measurements in volume production. Usually, mobile surface measurement systems are used for measurements in volume production. The high amount of manual labor and possible errors and influencing parameters have a negative impact. This is where SURFCOM C5 comes into play. Fully automatic surface measurements are faster, more reliable and cheaper. Five CNC axes ensure that measurement locations can be easily reached. In addition to the CNC axes in the X-Y-Z direction, SURFCOM C5 features a cross feeder and a tilt axis for the sensor. This ensures that measurements can be made in all orientations. The open system design is based on the 3D measuring machines with a large measuring table and hard stone. This is ideal for implementing individual loading strategies and part-specific fixtures. Fully automatic measurements enable higher measuring throughput. Large parts such as crankcases and cylinder heads can be measured quickly thanks to the high positioning speed of 100 mm/s. The X tracing driver features a linear drive, which is free from vibrations and thus considerably faster. The non-contact drive principle of the linear drive does not cause friction, thus markedly reducing maintenance costs.


  • Enormous productivity increase through fully automatic, inline surface measurement on engine components and shafts
  • Clear improvement in measuring throughput compared to conventional solutions
  • Designed for automatic quality assurance in volume production
  • 5 CNC axes for fully automatic runs
  • High travel speeds of 100 mm/s reduces measuring times
  • Highly flexible: instrument design for perfect connection possibilities to part-specific equipment
  • CNC stylus change-out system optionally available
  • Optionally available with additional rotary axis and tailstock for the fully automatic measurement of crankshafts and cam shafts
  • Extensive safety concept for maximum operator and machine safety


SURFCOM C5 is at home wherever high demands on surface parameters and throughput are prevalent. SURFCOM C5 is designed for the volume inspection and measurement of surface parameters on engine components, cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, crankshafts, cam shafts and all parts that require fully automatic, holistic roughness measurements.