ZEISS at Control 2014

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ZEISS at Control 2014

May 06 - 09, Booth #3302, Hall 3 - Stuttgart, Germany

ZEISS Smartzoom 5: Smart Design – Smart Workflow – Smart Output
We cordially invite you to visit us at Control 2014 and personally experience ZEISS Smartzoom 5, an intelligent digital microscope ideally suited for QA/QC applications in virtually all fields of industry. Combining smart design features with smart workflow functions, Smartzoom 5 delivers very smart output – day in day out. It is an excellent example of why ZEISS Microscopy is regarded as the IQ in Industrial Quality. Stop by and convince yourself of the many smart qualities of Smartzoom 5.

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We’ll be happy to give you a personal demonstration – with your own work sample, if you like. See why Smartzoom 5 is “sampling made simple”.
Also, fill out the enclosed card and have it inspected with Smartzoom 5 at our booth for a chanceto win an iPad.




ZEISS Smartzoom 5

Your new digital microscope from ZEISS - Sampling made simple
Digital microscopes for QA/QC applications offer reliable failure analyses, high throughput and comfortable work. Smartzoom 5 is your smart digital microscope ideally suited for QA/QC applications in virtually all fields of industry.
- Smart Design
- Smart Workflow
- Smart Design


Light Microscopy

Axio Imager 2
Your flexible imaging solution
- Brilliant optics
- Reliable, reproducible results thanks to motorized components


Stemi 2000
Zoom Continuously Down to Crucial Details
- Zoom range of 7.7:1
- Zoom effortlessly in either continuously variable mode or reproducible mode using click stops
- Get an overview within a 35 mm large object field


SteREO Discovery.V20
Brilliant Images in 3D
- Motorized zoom of 20:1
- Magnification up to 345x with 10x eyepieces
- Accuracy of reproduction of image scale of more than 99%


Axio Zoom.V16
Your Zoom Microscope for Large Object Fields
- With large working d istances and one single objective,you zoom from large object fields to the smallest detail
- The EpiRel contrast captures height d ifferences and reliefs, evenon flat objects, using brightfield



Electron/Ion Microscopy

CAPA: ZEISS Correlative Particle Analyzer
Identify critical particles and relocate them with your ZEISS scanning electron microscope. Automatically determine the materials composition with EDS. Your results of light- and electron microscopy are consolidated in a combined report.
More about Particle Analyzer

More about correlative microscopy

Particle Analyzer
Analyze Tiny Particles: Accurately and Reproducibly

More about Particle Analyzer


Your FE-SEM for Nano-Analytics
- Analytical performace
- Integrated workflows
- High productivity

More about SIGMA