This new platform is the go-to for 3D scanning novices

#HandsOnMetrology is our new 3D scanning network and the go-to for everything users always wanted to know about 3D scanning. The platform supports a global community of designers, tech geeks, engineers, scientists and specialists in improving their quality processes. From video instructions to advanced tutorials and expert hacks: HandsOnMetrology.com provides you with the necessary tools to deliver and use excellent 3D scans.

A hands-on approach to learning

The platform provides answers to typical questions from our users such as: “How do I set up and operate my system?” or “Which measurands can I cover?”. Users will find step-by-step instructions, tips and tricks as well as video instructions for the GOM Inspect Su ite inspection software.

Metrology inspiration and insight

From quality control of first articles and individual 3D-printed components through to reverse engineering for classic cars, the applications of optical 3D measurement technology know no bounds. Real makers talk about their passion in personal video clips. That’s what #HandsOnMetrology is about: inspiration from makers for makers in all manufacturing fields.

Get your hands on the latest tech

#HandsOnMetrology focuses on new-to-the- market 3D scanners by GOM and ZEISS—naturally as “full package” with the GOM Inspect Suite software inside. It walks users through the entire workflow from 3D scanning to the evaluation and the inspection report.


The precise, flexible and yet compact 3D scanner offers whatever you might need for complex inspection tasks—plus the powerful GOM software. Equipped with interchangeable lenses and various resolutions, it is ideal to capture small to medium-sized parts.


Designed to capture data wherever it is needed, the portable, hand-held 3D laser scanner is ready to start in no time. With its compact, lightweight design, it is particularly suitable for confined spaces and hard-to-reach areas.


The T-SCAN is another hand-held system that delivers a highly precise 3D metrology solution for intuitive 3D data acquisition. Its modular all-in-one concept offers maximum flexibility for a large variety of applications and surfaces.